Founded in 2003, ANMAJY is headquartered in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, China. As a proud subsidiary of Guangdong Laixin Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd., we are committed to providing customized shapewear services with a mission to "improve the quality of women's lives," aiming to become the leading shapewear brand in China and a trusted destination for global brands and businesses.

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Company Strength

Headquarters Facilities:
Located in the Tianhe District, ANMAJY has an independent headquarters with intelligent workshops and a dedicated exhibition hall, showcasing the company's high-level management and innovation capabilities.

Zhaoqing Headquarters:
1.Phase One: A technological institute under the group, providing technical design talents to the company's teams, injecting innovation.

2.Phases Two and Three: Private and dust-free workshops spanning eight floors, with each floor accommodating up to 300 garment cars. Advanced intelligent cutting beds are employed, achieving a monthly production capacity of up to 500,000 pieces.

3.Phase Four: Fully automated workshop across four floors, each equipped with 10 robotic arms. Collaboration with JD.com for logistics warehousing.

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Your One-Stop Custom Clothing Solution

ANMAJY is a one-stop custom clothing manufacturer, specializing in a wide range of categories including underwear, lingerie, shapewear, swimwear, socks, and sleepwear. We excel in various craftsmanship such as screen printing, embroidery, and cut-and-sew, leveraging our proprietary patented technologies.

Guided by a forward-thinking fashion philosophy, we provide top-notch customization services covering aspects like sizing, fabric, design, color, packaging, and logo labels.

Moreover, we offer you a plethora of choices, including custom sizing, fabric selection, design customization, color preferences, personalized packaging, and logo label customization. It's worth mentioning that we provide personalized customization services across multiple categories like underwear, lingerie, shapewear, swimwear, socks, with an exceptionally low threshold.

We take pride in supporting numerous global individual brands with our tailored services, witnessing their continual growth. Thank you for choosing ANMAJY; let's collaborate to create a uniquely stylish custom clothing experience.

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Brand and Products

The company proudly owns four leading professional shapewear brands: "LightXome," "Yikewenna," "Mengnalisuo," and "Daiyazi," with the centennial brand "LightXome" serving as its flagship. In just 14 years, ANMAJY has been dedicated to market-oriented development, committed to the research and development of innovative products. The company has successfully established the largest, most comprehensive, and fully integrated production base for shapewear, swimwear, and lingerie in the Chinese region.

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Honors and Certifications:

ANMAJY has received numerous accolades, including "National High-Tech Enterprise" and "Guangdong Province, Municipal Engineering Research and Development Center." The products have been recognized as "China Green Environmental Protection Products," "Guangdong Famous Brand Products," and "High-Tech Products," demonstrating the company's high standards for product quality and innovation.

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Commitment to Excellence

With a workforce exceeding 200 professionals, including over 20 individuals holding bachelor's degrees or higher, ANMAJY emerges as a leader in the eco-friendly and stylish shapewear sector. The central theme of our company revolves around harnessing our robust capabilities to provide outstanding services to our esteemed clientele.

Acknowledged as a national high-tech enterprise, ANMAJY has earned acclaim for significant contributions, from shaping industry standards in lingerie to gaining international brand recognition. Inclusion in China's top 500 enterprises further underscores our commitment to excellence. Our adherence to ISO environmental and quality management standards reinforces our dedication to delivering top-tier services.

At ANMAJY, our primary focus is on empowering customers through our strengths, ensuring that every interaction is marked by exceptional service. We take pride in being your trusted partner in crafting a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates beauty and well-being.

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