Lingerie customize

  • ODM

    Exquisite Designs, a Diverse Range of Styles for Your Selection

  • OEM

    Senior Plate Division Ensures Perfect Sample Quality

  • B2B

    Low MOQ for Custom Orders, with a minimum of 50 units per color and size for neighboring styles.

  • Dropshipping

    Low Investment, High Diversity


In summary, the custom lingerie manufacturing process is relatively straightforward:

You provide a lingerie design, and we transform it into actual lingerie.

However, on the lingerie production end, as a lingerie manufacturing factory, we must consider various factors, including:

  • Fabric selection, ensuring accurate color, and coordinating production equipment.
  • Lingerie sizes, weight, and production lead time.
  • Quality inspection of the lingerie.
  • Packaging and private labeling of the lingerie.
  • Considerations for import tax and VAT.
  • Coordination of international delivery, among other factors.

If you would like more detailed information about the lingerie manufacturing process, please click the link.

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    The online lingerie business is primarily design-driven, and the creativity of your design holds significant importance. Create a series of distinctive lingerie designs using our design template.


    Special packaging plays a crucial role in establishing trust and brand awareness. It is recommended to showcase your logo and slogan on the hangtags or band labels.


    From an industry perspective, we use Pantone color references to ensure color accuracy. Please use this online tool to convert your RGB or CMYK colors into Pantone colors. Additionally, we can recommend Pantone colors based on your RGB or CMYK colors.


    The quantity significantly impacts the price. Please confirm your order quantity for various lingerie designs and sizes. The MOQ (minimum order quantity) varies depending on the fabric composition.


    Our default composition for lingerie is 75% polyester, and 25% spandex, proven to deliver excellent performance for daily wear. Additionally, we offer options for combed/mercerized cotton and wool to meet diverse preferences in lingerie materials.


    We take size references seriously to ensure our custom-made lingerie fits customers perfectly. Click the button below to view our guidelines on custom lingerie size references.


For custom lingerie manufacturing, a sampling fee will be charged to cover the cost of setting up machinery and preparing materials. However, high-quality samples are always provided free of charge, with only the delivery fee applied.

3.1 Payment for the sampling fee is accepted through Paypal and wire transfer.

3.2 ANMAJY will commence the lingerie sampling process, typically taking 7-10 days.

3.3 The sample lingerie will be shipped to you via FedEx, and ANMAJY will await your approval.

3.4 Revisions will be made if you are not satisfied with the sample.


In ensuring a successful business partnership:

  1. Proforma Invoice: You will receive a Proforma Invoice for your purchase.
  2. Payment Terms:Existing
    A.Customers: Flexible payment terms are offered.
    B.New Customers: A 30-50% deposit upfront is required to kickstart preparations for bulk lingerie production.
  3. Payment Options:For substantial custom lingerie orders, a Letter of Credit (L/C) at sight is available.
  4. Acknowledging Concerns:We understand and share any concerns you may have at this stage.
  5. Factory Visit:A warm invitation for a factory visit is extended, facilitating the establishment of mutual trust.
  6. L/C at Sight for Substantial Orders:L/C at sight is also an available payment option for significant custom lingerie manufacturing orders.
  7. Addressing Risk Concerns:We recognize and share any apprehensions you might feel, emphasizing our openness to a factory visit to build mutual trust in this critical phase of the business relationship.
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  • The Preparation of Fabrics

    A professional production team will transform your design into tangible products. We have an extensive downstream supply chain, offering a variety of fabrics and accessories. Additionally, we own our weaving and printing factories.

  • Fabric Preparation

    We maintain an inventory of over 1000 fabric colors. Furthermore, leveraging Pantone color references, we offer tailored color customization for your fabric during this phase. Additionally, our in-house dyeing facility allows us to translate your designs into printed patterns on the fabric with precision.

  • Fabric Stretching and Cutting:

    Fabric stretching becomes an art, with a delicate balance of elasticity maintained through the use of a humidifier. Cutting, a process primarily guided by computer-generated patterns, involves the careful arrangement of intricate lace patterns, each a testament to the hands that craft them.

  • Sewing Mastery

    Entering the sewing room, a symphony of over 1000 sewing machines unfolds. Here, skilled artisans transform flat fabrics into three-dimensional wonders. Each cup, meticulously stitched, reflects the culmination of a seamless process, with expert hands ensuring efficiency and precision.

  • Legends and Training

    Within this realm of craftsmanship, legends emerge—master artisans known as "teachers." These seasoned individuals impart their skills to new recruits, emphasizing the importance of flawless execution in every step. The factory's training system, a blend of hands-on experience and video tutorials, ensures a continuum of high-quality craftsmanship.

  • Quality Assurance:

    As the products near completion, stringent quality checks, involving over 20 criteria, guarantee excellence. Any deviation prompts a return to earlier stages, highlighting the commitment to perfection. Hand-packing adds a final touch, underscoring the belief that handcrafted care enhances both quality and speed.


    A professional coding team will translate your design into machine codes, allowing the knitting machine to interpret and knit your design using jacquard technology.


Settle the remaining balance. Custom sock manufacturing is complete, and your socks are ready for shipping!


:Your socks are ready for shipment, marking the final step of the socks manufacturing process. Relax and anticipate the arrival of your socks; we can also assist with customs clearance.


    Sea shipping is the most economical method for international delivery, particularly for bulk production manufacturing.


    A specialized logistics line (by air) is available to the UK and USA, with consideration for import tax and VAT. Delivery time is 8-12 days, with a cost ranging from $5.5 to $6 per kilogram.


    Train delivery to Europe and the Middle East offers a delivery time that is 1/3 of sea shipping and 1/4 of the delivery fee of air shipping.


    While being the fastest and most expensive option, we use express delivery to send samples and small quantities of socks to clients for review or pre-marketing.